Are Mid-Tier Semi Professional Gamers a cash crop waiting to be Harvested?

Whether your an avid Counterstrike Source player or into Fortnite we can confidently can say most Millenials have spent some time playing video games, One topic we recently saw on a twitter tweet was how Esports is rapidly progressing with popularity. One company we found online that is changing the game is the company calls themselves the grandfather of the EAP.. The Esports Advancement Platform – what is that you ask? well it’s about working on preserving and professionalizing recreational and modern sports. EAP aims to give small organizations and growing talent a place where they can showcase their gaming talents, which is related to the overall growth of esports and the development of a sustainable future for the entire gaming league.

Additionally, the Esports Advancement Platform is a substantial commodity for players and organizers interested in giving themselves a jump start in the game. With the initiative to enable and endorse professional esports, EAP aims to improve the gaming economy as a whole.

In EAP, exposure is one of the critical components in the exploration of young prospects. If you want fans to see your talent right off the bat while bringing in critical ratings,  Esports Advancement Platform provides players with the chance to demonstrate their superior performance to potential brands, funders, and even advertisers. EAP supports esports athletes by eliminating hurdles in order for them to become good esports athletes.

For the Esports Advancement Platform, minor leagues and amateur competitions are just as valuable as major stadium tournaments. In standard sporting events, participants are willing to make their way to the top through local infrastructure, which slowly enables them to join bigger competitions. Since esports are so highly supervised, they are mostly held online.

What is the objective of Esports Advancement Platforms?

The dream of Esports Advancement Platform is to enable the organizing of tournaments a hassle-free process. EAP  aims to provide players with every resource imaginable to help them turn their esports dreams into reality. Not to mention, Esports Advancement Platforms’ self-organized tournaments are a flexible way for local organizers to generate income. With every major process taken care of, esports organizers can have more time to establish their streams and provide a high-quality experience to their viewers and participants.

In addition, Esports Advancement Platforms also help players improve and become visible to sponsors and advertisers. Therefore, you are assured that your engagement in a tournament will be compensated appropriately and that you can not be defrauded by crooked tournament organizers.

So if you do choose to start taking command of your esports career, either as a competitor or as an organizer, then there are countless opportunities waiting for you in one of the many Esports Advancement Platforms that will support you all the way towards the path of becoming a major esports athlete.



DIY: How To Delete your Spotify Account

If you decided that you no longer want to use Spotify, you can delete your account — but you can only do that through the web browser, not in the mobile app. When you delete your account, you would not be allowed to use your existing Spotify username again; but, you will still have the option to create a new account with the same email address.

Prior to turning down your account, make sure you are mindful of the implications. Also, keep in mind that you have the authority to cancel your subscriptions despite not closing your account entirely yet. Before walking you through the steps on how you can delete your Spotify account via your internet browser, here are some of the possible repercussions that you may experience when you delete your account permanently.

  • You will lose access to your playlists and followers.
  • You will also lose all the songs that you have saved to your library.
  • If you have signed up for Spotify Plays Premium with a student voucher or discount, you will have to wait a whole year before you can register for the offer again.

If you already made up your mind and want to continue to delete your Spotify account, you need to first make sure you’re logged into the account that you intend to delete. You will then need to navigate to Spotify’s “Contact Customer Support” section and follow these steps:

Spotify Account Deletion Procedure

Step 1: Go to “Account”

Step 2: Click “I want to close my account.”

Step 3: Confirm that you really intend to delete your account permanently, or just simply cancel your paid subscription. On the left side, select the black “Close Account” option to continue with the deletion.

Step 4: This will lead you to a page where you can see the message, “We’re sad you want to leave us” and you will then be prompted to start a five-step procedure to delete your account. Click the “Continue” button to proceed after each stage.

Step 5: Confirm that you have signed in to the right account that you want to delete. Select the “Continue” button to move forward.

Step 6: Spotify will then inform you that you will lose your playlists and followers. Check the box to indicate that you accept the implications, then press the “Continue” button.

Step 7: On the next page, click the “Continue” button again. You will then receive an email — sent to the account you signed up with — to verify that you still want to close your account.

Step 8: Open the email you got and hit the “Close My Account” button. This must be activated within 24 hours of obtaining the message.

Reasons Why PWA is the future of Apps

The Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) is the next big step in website and application designing, which is going to solve the problems users face today. The developers today have to create multiple applications for different operating systems which is multiple times the amount of time and workforce they need to create the applications. PWAs can make the job of developers much easier so that they can focus better on internal bugs and errors, rather making compatible apps for user’s devices. Here are the reasons why PWA is the future of applications.

Native app flexibility

PWAs are web-based applications which can be accessed by your browser. You can get a fully native app experience straight from your browser. PWAs can perform all the functions of a native application while operating from your browser. You can even save the PWAs links in your browser’s homepage to access them anytime from any device irrespective of the OS.

Native app flexibility

No app store

It also simplifies your app search by cutting out the middleman and providing the applications straight from the website. For native apps, you will first have to search the app on an app store, register, and download the app. For PWAs, all you have to do is search the app link on your browser. You do not need to register for accessing the application.

Better performance

In terms of speed, PWAs can be incredibly efficient. PWAs run on Java Scripts which run exclusive of the main web thread, which allows your PWA to load faster even in a poor connection. PWAs by nature are very fast in caching data in the browser which will provide you smooth animations, navigation, and other effects while using.

Offline access

PWAs can be accessed offline due to the quick storage of Cache. The service workers use Cache and Fetch APIs for quick loading of PWA, which enables the apps to load offline from the browser. A PWA can send background updates and push notifications even when the user is offline.


The security of your information is also important while you use an app from an unknown source. The previous standards, according to HTTPS, were not secure enough to provide complete information protection. But PWAs can offer a secure environment for customers that can keep their personal and credit card information safe through a secure connection.

Benefits Businesses

Businesses now do not have to create separate applications and websites for their brand when they can create an all in one PWA. Some of the companies which are already implementing PWA are Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp. The developers faced much greater traffic when the apps were easily accessible through the website links. Twitter had an increase in user base for up to 75 per cent and reduced their bounce rate by 20 per cent.